Delavnica na temo “How to Make your Research more Relevant, Feasible and Publishable” v Ljubljani, 10. – 14. 3. 2020

Dear member of Slovenian Orthopedic Society,

Do you have a research project in mind? Or does your group have one?

If so, we encourage you to attend EUROSPINE’s course on How to Make your Research more Relevant, Feasible and Publishable.

This will be in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 10-14 March 2020.

This course will provide you the unique opportunity to initiate a study with the help of world class researchers who are experienced in reviewing grant requests. It includes lectures and practical workshops, providing ample time for smaller group sessions and guidance from the course faculty. 

 During the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to 

  • Develop research question and derive a hypothesis for the evaluation of a treatment intervention, 
  • Design their studies based on the question developed, 
  • Plan participant selection and data collection for their studies,
  • Plan sample size calculation,
  • Use the focus group method to define disability.

 The course will conclude with participants presenting their work. Constructive feedback will be provided by the panel of experts on the week’s achievements.

Also, please note that the EUROSPINE will provide 4 Travel Grants of EUR 2,000 each to attend the course. For more information regarding the travel grants, please visit:

Don’t miss this opportunity.

I look forward welcoming you and your colleagues in Ljubljana!

Janez Mohar, MD, PhD

Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital

Jadranska c. 31

6280 Ankaran



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