The Slovenian Orthopedic Society within the Slovenian Medical Association

Short Form:

Short history: The Slovenian Medical Association was founded in 1861 but the first orthopedic surgeon, dr. Minař became active in 1922. Till 1937 he was the only orthopedic surgeon practicing in the Slovenian region. The second one was dr. Brecelj who also established the Orthopedic and Traumatology Section under the auspices of the Slovenian Medical Association in 1946. After Slovenia became independent in 1991, the Section developed into Slovenian Orthopedic Society (SOS).

Associates: The Slovenian Orthopedic Society welcomes orthopedic consultants, residents, and medical students interested in musculo-skeletal conditions in their last year of training.

Mission: The Slovenian Orthopedic Society’s mission is based on the fact that orthopedics keeps people active, no matter what their age. In treating patients with musculoskeletal disorders orthopedic surgeons enforce joint efforts together with partner specialists within the health care system. The SOS encourages provision of the highest scientific level orthopedic care ranging from consultancy to surgery as well as compassion. The SOS encourages its members to engage in scientific research and implement innovation to be able to absorb increasing demand for orthopedic care. The SMS is aware that only by developing a top quality system and by raising the profile of SMS the mission is achievable.

The contemporary Slovenian orthopedics: SOS acknowledges that many goals have already been achieved. Scientific and professional expertise is mainly available as well as quality training and acceptable level of organization. Orthopedic surgeons have a very positive work attitude.

There are weaknesses as well including limited knowledge of basic medicine, insufficient focus in basic science in orthopedics, lack of quality control system, low level of scientific output.

In order to accomplish the mission the SOS activities are intended to act along three lines to achieve main goals:


  1. The SOS aims for Slovenian orthopedic surgeons to provide high level, evidence-based, measurable, and cost effective medical care.
  2. In order to provide the top level of orthopedic care SOS is encouraging the implementation of high level quality system for surgeons as well as for patients.
  3. To improve the strength of the SOS and grounding of orthopedics in the society in order to be able to keep pace with expected increased demand of keeping the ageing population in motion and thus insuring their independence.

Threats: The threats that might negatively influence the mission are the influence of parties like insurers and industry that undermine physician’s autonomy. Limited manpower and cuts in healthcare spending that are in contrast with increased demand for orthopedic care. Increasing compensation culture is fostering defensive orthopedic surgical treatment.